ERC-721 NFT Royalties royalty

Why 10% Royalties?

we believe that collecting a royalty of 10% on transaction volume is a critical aspect of ensuring the long-term success and growth of our platform. This tax collection serves as a way to fund ongoing development and maintenance, allowing us to continually improve and enhance the platform for our users. By collecting this fee, we can invest in the infrastructure, technology, and resources necessary to maintain and grow our platform, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the NFT industry.
Furthermore, this tax collection is a key component of our commitment to responsible and sustainable operations. By collecting fees from transactions, we can ensure that we have the resources necessary to operate and manage our platform in a responsible and transparent manner, while also providing valuable services and support to our users.
The royalty tax on KABOSU - Queen of Memes is a critical aspect of our ecosystem's success, growth, and is designed to benefit both the platform and its users.
Last modified 1yr ago